Who We Work For

We like to work with interesting people doing interesting things. Accordingly, our clients include any number of small and medium sized businesses, as well as many of the largest public and private companies in Canada, and abroad.

We have experience with clients across the spectrum, from aerospace and aviation to technology and telecommunications.

Many of our clients seek our assistance with rapid growth and transformation; others are facing significant reputational challenges or difficult business conditions. Some are seeking to acquire corporate control; others are working to preserve it. Some are seeking regulatory or political approvals; others are working to help shape policy. Some are in crisis; others are simply doing the hard work of preparedness to avoid one, or the important work of telling a clear and effective story about a company’s mission and purpose to build support of key stakeholders towards long-term success.

We know what we’re good at, and honest about what we’re not. In all things, we strive to provide expert advice, original thinking and superior execution.

As a matter of policy, Longview does not publish its client list.