Longview and DFH Combine to Create Canada’s Leading Independent Communications and Public Affairs Firm

Toronto and Vancouver – March 5, 2018 – Longview Communications and DFH Public Affairs have merged to create Canada’s leading independent advisory firm specializing in corporate and financial communications and public affairs.

“This combination brings together two independent boutiques with highly complementary skills – and values – to create a communications and public affairs firm with experience and capabilities that we believe set us apart in the Canadian market,” said Josh Pekarsky, Founder of Longview Communications. “Longview has always been about being good at what we do and well-equipped to meet the needs of our clients. This merger advances that goal – and it does so with people we have known, liked and respected for a long time.”

“Each of our firms has long admired the other, and we share an entrepreneurial culture built on doing all we can to help our clients reach their goals,” said Ian Hamilton, one of three Principals at DFH, alongside Bruce Drysdale and Hugh McFadyen. “Together, we offer even more depth and expertise in corporate communications and special situations, along with a thorough understanding of policy development, government relations and various regulatory processes at the federal and provincial level. Having shared files with each other in the past, we are very pleased to be working together now as one firm.”

With 24 seasoned professionals and offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, the combined firm offers sophisticated capabilities across corporate and financial communications, public affairs and special situations, such as M&A, shareholder activism, proxy contests, restructurings, crisis management and litigation support. The combined firm will operate as Longview Communications & Public Affairs.

Founded in 2003, Longview specializes in corporate and financial communications, with particular expertise in M&A, proxy contests, restructurings and other complex business challenges. Founded in 2007, DFH also specializes in corporate communications and M&A, in addition to its public affairs and government relations capabilities.

Both firms are known for providing trusted Board and senior executive level advice and support to enterprises making transformative acquisitions, facing contests for corporate control, seeking vital approvals and policy solutions, dealing with crises and opportunities, and building strong reputations with key stakeholders.

Combined, Longview and DFH have advised on M&A transactions with an aggregate value of more than $200 billion over the past decade, in addition to many of the most high-profile proxy fights, restructurings and complex corporate communications challenges in the Canadian market.

About Longview

Longview is Canada’s leading independent corporate communications and public affairs firm. Created in 2018 through the merger of Longview Communications and DFH Public Affairs, Longview serves a diverse range of clients across Canada and internationally from its offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. For more information, please visit us at longviewcomms.ca.

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